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with Julian Bream's Kohno.
with D.Russell at RAM GuitarStudents
with Alirio Diaz.
masterclass with Maestro Alirio Diaz
with Manuel Barrueco & Ahmet Kanneci
with Carlos Bonell.
with Michael Lewin.
with Mr. Lewin & D. Russell.
with John Williams &Vahan Sarkissian
Royal Academy of Music.
masterclass with Tilman Hoppstock.
with "Maestro" Michael Lewin.
with Misak Toros.
with A.Kanneci, P.sainz Villegas&...
with M.Barrueco, A.Kanneci & E.Sualp
with T.Walker, A. Kanneci & E.Sualp.
with C.Bonell,A.Kanneci & J.G.Moreno
Almeria, Spain, 2013.
with G. Reichenbach & S.Hvartchilkov
Parkening Competition 2015
my parents; Emine&Bülent Gökalp.